Heather’s Studio~ 2016 Year in Review

Hello, to all of my followers and friends! I started this blog in 2015, and am so happy to be going on my third year! Since then, I’ve gained 84 followers! Thank you guys so much for sticking beside me on my journey as a freelance book illustrator, writer and graphic novelist and maybe even an animator! These things are very slowly developing, as you know, when something that you love isn’t making you any money, you have to do other things in between to help make a living. You guys really encourage me with your likes and kind, comments! So thank you all so much!

I feel like I really made a break through this year with my illustration making. I bought a large sketch book that gave me more room to draw on than just standard sized paper. The size is: 11 inch by 14 inch. The extra space to draw on was really inspiring and gave me the creative umph I needed in developing my illustrative style!


Here are some of the illustrations I had fun, sketching out. 🙂


This sketch was inspired by yet another story I am developing. This one is about a Spanish prince, who hates the idea of having the responsibility of becoming the future king. He wants no part of it! So he runs away, and takes a small ship out to sea. When he gets caught in a tropical storm, his ship gets caught between two jagged rocks and then he gets attacked by pirates. What happens next? Well, you’ll have to wait until I start writing this epic tale! 😉


Its been a long while since I’ve mentioned Cindy Ellie. But here she is! Cindy Ellie is an already written story,( by my sister, Theresa.) that just needs to be illustrated! It’s a wonderful twist on the Cinderella story. Again, I just wish I had enough time to devote to it! I hope to work on it this next up coming year. Its a story best read in Autumn, so maybe I can get it out by Fall of 2017.

These are my sketches of Bringing Back Beauty. I really want it to be a graphic novel, but right now, I’m trying to write it as a story so that I get the plot all worked out. I think it could be a really fun adventure! Featuring Silvia Rose at the top left, Cornelius at the right, and Princess Lily at the bottom.


This is one of my favorite Bible parables, the Prodigal Son. I’m hoping to tie this parable in with another story that I’m wanting to create.

This is my idea for a front cover of Oscar Wilde’s, The Selfish Giant. It’s a sweet story. I hope to go further with this sketch and digitally paint it.


Another tract I created. I think I’ve created three so far. So this will be my fourth! I hope to get it digitally painted some time.


Bye bye, 2016!

So what are my dreams for next year? Lord willing, I would like to create  videos on youtube and show the world that I illustrate books. I want to have my 1st children’s book,The Monster, self published by March.

I really wish to create my own Patreon.com account, the one I have right now, is joined with my sister, Theresa. The trouble is that what we are doing is different enough, that I’m afraid that people that support her, aren’t really going to want to support me and the other way around. If I could gain a few supporters, then I could devote more time to the things I really want to do, like work on my stories, studying art, creating animations, illustrations and so forth. Any support would help me immensely. In return I would try my best to keep people entertained, show what I’m doing  behind the scenes, give free downloadable art, and anything else I could conger up. 😉

I would like to finally get back into shape, and fit into my old clothes! Haha! 😀 We’ll just see what the new year brings, and what God’s will is. 😉

Thank you all again! I pray for God’s blessings this coming year, and no matter what, keep my faith and trust in him, and to be a good and faithful servant to his Majesty. Amen.


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