Making Changes to Heather’s Studio


Heathers Studio business banner with verse copy

I’m going to be making some changes to my blog. At first I had wanted to become a book illustrator and had gone through some  effort and expense to advertise myself as one. But as time goes on, I’m not sure if that’s what I really want to be. I’m not saying that I would never illustrate someone’s book, but perhaps I will slow down on the advertising and just pursue my own projects that I want to get done, that otherwise I may not have time for if I do projects for other people.

I’m going to concentrate a little more on my other art and becoming an author. I’m hoping to finish my Monster book, and later start on some graphic novels and animations.

So I’ll be turning my blog into a book and art blog, and get rid of the illustration services for now.

Thanks for keeping up with my journey. My next step is to become a children’s book author and graphic novelist and perhaps create small animations.

It will be a while before I’m able to make these changes, but I hope to make them soon! And when I do, I hope you’ll visit my blog and see what new! So stay tuned! I’ll keep ya up to date on its progress. 😉



The Monster~ Childiren’s Book Illustration #12

He searched far and wide web

I wanted to share with you all, my latest illustration in my developing children’s book, The Monster. I still have quite a few illustrations to go!  This will be a two page spread. I’m hoping to get it finished later this year.  If I can’t get it traditionally published, then, Lord willing, I’ll get it self published.

If you would like to be notified of its release, send me a note, or a comment and give me your email and I’ll be happy to put you on my mailing list!

This illustrated children’s book will be about a monster named Greed. For ages 5 and up.

Thanks for looking!



I’m preparing to go to an art show around the end of this month. I’ll be advertising my illustrative services while I’m there and hope to be handing out my brochures to  authors.

My smuged face may look disturbing…but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to show my self to the world just yet. 😉

This is an estimated price list and example sheet.

Our comunity art show is unique as it lets authors have a book signing. My sister, Theresa, will also be there with her novels and children’s books! The art show is a lot of fun to go to and is shown at our beautiful airport. 

I tried to make an epic banner that  I can place at my table! I drew a new firefly design which I’m very happy with!

Thank you for checking out my post!

If you have any questions regarding my art or illustrative services please don’t hesitate to ask.


Riding in Space~ Digital Illustration

Destiny blog

I had a lot of fun creating this picture. I loved trying to decide what a girl from the future might wear. I wish I could be a fashion designer sometimes! I also enjoyed making the planet and got to use some of my digital splatter brushes. I’ve always loved space age stuff since I was a kid!

This picture is based off of a story idea my sister and I came up with years ago. Maybe one day I can get all of these stories that I want to do so badly written and finally illustrated! But its so hard to find the time! Any ways… I started this picture with a sketch and colored it digitally on my Clip Studio program.

Thanks for looking! Wishing everyone a fantastic Spring!


‘What is Love?’ Digital Illustration

What is Love web

‘What is Love’  is a song that my sister, Theresa made. It’s quite a lovely song! I hope she’ll publish it one day. It was inspired by a story that we wanted to create.

I started with a pencil sketch of this picture and colored it entirely through digital media.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding my art or illustrative services. Thank you!

The Monster~ Summer Butterflies~ Children’s Book Illustration

Summer Butterflies

Here is my latest illustration for my picture book, The Monster. I left extra room at the top for my text that I will place in the finished book.

I’m hoping to get as much of this book finished  as I can before the Community Art Show this year.

Thanks for reading!


Please Contact me for any questions regarding my art and Illustrative Services. Thank you!



My New Toy! Rebelle Program, on Sale!


I sketched out this picture last night using a program called, Rebelle.  It’s on sale till March at a very good price! It’s usually $60 but is on sale for $19! Why I got this program is because the digital brushes act and look so real! I’m very happy with my purchase so far! If you would like to look into purchasing this program then click here:

Anyways…just thought that I would share. If you’ve used Rebelle before, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Have a great day!


Sweet Philosophy ~ Kitchen Quote


Sweet Philosophy~ Original Kitchen Quote by Heather Stinnett all rights reserved.

Buy Here:

Buy a License Here:

I had a lot of fun creating this kitchen quote! My sister helped me with deciding the layout for the picture.

I was inspired to write this through a funny experience I had while baking cookies. My first batch was flat. Then I added more flour. The second batch was too crunchy( because I left them in the oven for too long) but my last batches were just right! by adding more flour to the mixture and keeping a close eye on the oven time. 😉 After my experience, these words just started popping and working inside of my head. I texted it to my family and they loved it! So I thought that I would turn it into a sign. 😀

This image is available as many different merchandise and can be licensed for use! Please check out my links above!

Thanks for looking!




I Won a Book Give Away! The Peddler’s Bed.

I was so excited to win Lauri Fortino’s Book, The Peddler’s Bed! I never win anything so I was very surprised when I saw my name posted as the winner! It’s a very cute story!  As a book illustrator I really appreciated the vibrant and charming illustrations inside!

It’s such a neat feeling to have an author sign your book!

I loved the  illustrations by Bong Redila. His style is very charming!

Thank you, Lauri for giving me your delightful picture book! I will cherish it!

Please head on over to Lauri’s blog at:  and check out her site.

Thank you all for reading! I’m sorry that its been so long since I’ve posted anything!

I’ve been busy lately, but I’ll try to get something out soon!

Wishing everybody a lovely day!


Clip Studio and Photoshop 200 Brush Pack Review.


To my friends who own Manga Studio, Clip Studio and Photoshop, I just wanted to talk about the 200 brush pack on their smith micro website! Especially since its on sale!

My sister bought me the 200 Brush Pack and I must say that I really like the brushes that it came with! The pencils look real and a lot of the brushes have a nice texture. I only wish that some things, like their clouds were more customizable. Also the other brushes don’t seem to have many options like, Add Glow, and so on. Only the original pastel brush and a few other original brushes seems to have that option. But other than that, I really love these brushes and know that they are going to be a great help with my illustrating! You can check the brushes out here:

I’m drawing a picture right now using some these brushes. When I’m finished, I’ll show it to y’all!

Anyways…just thought that I would share!

Have a great day!