I’m Getting A New Toy!

Heathers Studio Banner

I’m so excited! I took the plunge and ordered the EX version of Clip Studio Paint! I bought it from Amazon.com while it was on sale. Now I’ll be able to create longer animations, and it will hopefully help me easily create my picture books with its multiple page layout feature.

It’s expected to come in 8 days! I’ll try to do a review about it once I get it all set up! My sister also bought me a set of digital brushes that were on sale on the Smith Micro site, as a gift, so I’ll be able to use those with it.

I’m super excited! I’m hoping that it will help aid me in my book illustrating.

Thanks y’all for reading, stay tuned for the review in January!



2 thoughts on “I’m Getting A New Toy!

    • Thank you, Dayne! I’m very excited! Did you get the EX version of Manga Studio or Have you updated the old version yet? Something about the update caused me to lose where the text was. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it back when I get the new program. If you updated your old version, let me know if your text tool disapears on you too. Maybe it got left out in the tools option and I need to put it back on. I don’t know…


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