I love illustrations and would be happy to work with Authors to create colorful pictures that will bring their stories to life. I can also design Book covers, Logos, Blog banners etc… I use a variety of medias, including Watercolor, Ink and Digital. If you would like to discuss a project please head over to my Contact page. I’ll need to know what Genre your project is and your vision  for your story.

My services can be purchased from my EtsyShop which is located on the Menu bar under Hire. We can begin by starting with the Consultation Package, where we will start sketching your illustrations and coming to the final conclusions on how you want your project done. From there if you are satisfied with what I’ve designed we can move forward and begin the project. You will need to purchase each individual illustration separately by Requesting a Custom Order in my Shop.

What I Accept:

I work with many different genres and projects. I love illustrating children’s stories but work with books for all age groups. I will be happy to create artwork for both fiction and nonfiction. Exceptions to the projects I am willing to take on include: Fantasy, Horror, graphic Romance, and any project which contains immoral, inappropriate, defamatory or profane content, to be determined by myself. I do accept light themes of Fantasy such as animals which are given human characteristics, and light themes of Romance which are kept within good, moral bounds.

Thank you for your consideration! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Yours Truly,

Heather Stinnett

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