Silvia Rose~ from Bringing Back Beauty

Silvia Rose portrait web.jpg

Like I said yesterday, I have a lot of  story ideas that I would love to get done! This is one of my characters from my developing story, Bringing Back Beauty. Her name is Silvia Rose, she’s a spunky peasant girl, with a heroic heart. Both of her parents died a  few years ago, leaving her to be the woman of the house with five brothers to take care of. She does all that she can to keep everyone fed and the farm still running. She only hopes that she can do everything that would make her parents proud of her.

One day, a call for brave souls come into her kingdom and She desperately wants to help save Princess Lily from the wicked tyrant Lotus, who took over Lily’s fair kingdom and turned it into a modern mess! Silvia is sure that she’s capable enough to help save her, but not knowing her own weakness’s may prove otherwise.

I want so badly to get this book on the road! But it takes time…

I had a lot of fun drawing this portrait of one of my favorite characters. I didn’t create the frame though, that came from my Clip Studio Paint Program.

Thanks for looking! Talk to y’all later!



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