The Monster~ Children’s Book in the Making


I’m making a children’s story! Who me? Wait…what??? Yep, that’s what I said! 😉

This is a story about a monster named Greed, and His  main goal is only to feed,

his tummy is never filled, and so no matter how much he eats, he’s hungry still!

Whether this story gets published or not, It’s my own personal project that I’m enjoying to create. My sister was my ghost writer and put it into words that are very poetic and pleasing. Thank you Sis! I’ve got most of the illustrations finished, but I may decide I need more later.

I have so many projects and stories that I want to do, there just isn’t enough of me to get them all done! Hehe! 😀 This is a small story and so I feel like I can get it done quickly.

Please stay tuned for more up coming posts about my story and share my blog with your friends!

Thanks for Looking!


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