My First Comic Sketches of Bringing Back Beauty

There’s something so inspiring to me about starting a story in the middle. I usually always start my stories out this way and then try and figure out the beginning later. These are my first sketches of my graphic novel, Bringing Back Beauty, and yet this is a later chapter in the story. I had fun trying to figure out the layout for my comic. Before, I only drew pictures that I hoped to put together later. But its really best to draw the whole layout on one page.  I’m just learning you see… so I’m discovering what’s best to do as I go. 😉 Hehe! This story has a lot of the classical story plots such as, the princess being locked into a tower etc…but I created a few twists to make it my own. 😉 I’m hoping to make this story fun and exciting. It’s in a medieval setting, yet strangely I have my characters travel through a jungle filled with dinosaurs and other creatures that may not usually fit in the same ecosystems.  I’ve sketched out several chapters, but have found that I still need to make them fuller.

I’m hoping that I can create graphic novels for a living. I’m on a site called, Any support would be greatly appreciated! It’s my dream to  make a living being an artist. For your support I would give you behind the scenes sketches, videos and more.  I haven’t uploaded much of my work on my page yet, as I don’t have any patrons and it would just be a waste of time. As soon as I gain some supporters, I will upload more pictures to the site, but for now, it wouldn’t do me much good to upload a bunch of pictures without any viewers.

Thanks for keeping up with my adventure as an aspiring graphic novelist! 😉 Have a great day everybody!




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