Exciting News!

Heathers Studio BannerI’m so excited! My lovely family pitched in and helped me buy a refurbished laptop! Now I don’t have to borrow my sisters laptop in order to work on my projects, I’m now free to go full steam ahead to work on my illustrations! I’m so happy! My laptop is fast and roomy enough that I can illustrate to my hearts content and maybe even do animations!!! As you can see I’m very excited! You won’t hear me griping anymore about having to wait on my sister to give me her laptop! Smile  My laptop is an HP EliteBook it was built for businesses. Its an older model, but I like it so far! It has a whole bunch of different plugins, which is good for using my Wacom Bamboo Tablet. I’m hoping that it’s able to plug into a monitor so that I’m able to have a bigger screen. My screen is only 14”, but its still a good one! Winking smile Well, right now I’m just getting it set up, so my illustrating may be a little delayed as I get all of my programs downloaded and my projects transferred. But hopefully once it’s all done, you’ll be seeing a lot more posts coming from me in the future! Now if I could only make a living at this, then I’d really be in business!  Have a wonderful week everyone!


4 thoughts on “Exciting News!

    • Thank you Dayne! Sadly I’ve found a few quirks with the little fellow. His DVD reader isn’t working and a couple of usb ports aren’t working either. I’ll probably have to get him fixed. 😦 Right now I’m getting him up on his updates. We’ll see what happens… 😉


    • Thank you! I know its funny that I would call it a he. I guess it depends on the color. My sister’s laptop is purple, so of course hers is a she! 😀 Mine is grey so It looks more like a he. Haha! 😉


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