Good Morning Monday! Concept Art for My Sister’s Novel

emmaline wip blog copy

First I’m going to start off by saying…”Too many projects, not enough time!”  Hehe! That’s the case, when you’re sharing your sister’s computer for your projects! Introducing a sketch of “Emiline”, the main character from my sister’s novel, ‘A Hero at Heart’. My sister has made an amazing, Christian, novel! It’s similar to Ann of Green Gables and she wants me to illustrate it. You can check out her blog Here!Since she’s worked so long and hard on completing this story; taking her a year or more to make, I guess this really aught to be my first priority. But we’ll see if I can’t squeeze in some of my other projects too! In fact, I probably will, if I can get my sister to lend me her laptop once in a while! Hehe!

Emiline is a whimsical girl full of daydreams who longs to become a hero, but in her every day life she discovers that being a hero can mean doing the little things that don’t seem very pleasant. In the end, she finds herself having to reach out to the bully who she’s learned to hate and she must learn how to forgive him through the love of Christ. This story is peppered with valuable, character building lessons. I just love this story! And I’m so excited because she’s just about to finish its sequel!

For ages 9 and up!


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