Thankful for Forgivness and Second Chances

Second Chances web

This image shows how I often feel when I think of how much I’m thankful for God’s forgiveness and and mercy. I feel like kissing the feet of he who gave his life for my sins(Jesus). I am not worthy of this gift,  I’m a wretched sinner, but God’s mercy is everlasting and forgives everyone who turns away from their sins. All have sinned and are worthy of eternal punishment, but God has given us a second chance through Jesus Christ, who payed the price for our sins. Now all we need to do, is obey his commandments ( to love God with all of our hearts and our neighbor as our self) and go and sin no more.

I’m going to try and do a series of drawings showing what I’m thankful for. I hope you enjoy them!

Check out my page on! I’ve turned this image into PNG format on my page for my patrons to download and use.


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