Graphic Novel UPDATES / Introducing Two Sisters

Two sisters official patreon banner       Hello everyone! I whipped out this banner today for my page and my YouTubeChannel. I’m just getting started so I don’t have much on either site right now, but I’ll hopefully be updating both soon! And if you join early, you’ll be the first ones to see my progress as it comes! So be sure to follow and bookmark my sites. I won’t be posting as much on my blog about my graphic novel as I am hoping to direct people more to my page for updates instead. (Its completely free to join and my comic pages will be free. But my work in progress pictures and videos and concept art will be for patrons only.) Eventually each site will have different things to look at.

In this post, I’m giving a little introduction to Two Sisters and how we got started on this project.

Introducing: Two Sisters

My sister and I are very different in character when it comes to writing, Theresa is very poetic and descriptive, but as for me, I tend to be more blunt and expressive through dialogue. When we were kids, we listened to a radio program called, “Your Story Hour”. It was wonderful how you could see what was happening just by hearing the characters expressive dialogue and sound affects. When I told a story to my sister, I used the same method, I would use the characters dialogue to show what was happening in my story. These stories were always created on the spot, so after they were told, I would forget most of the plot. But they made an impression on my sister and she kept them in her memory. This year, I thought about creating graphic novels, and my sister remembered the different stories that I had told her. I had forgotten most of the plots, and was so glad that she had remembered them. We both began collaborating and created the story for our first graphic novel, ‘A Plight for Cheese.’ With our different styles combined we make a pretty good team. I help with dialogue and she descriptively writes the story.

We are very excited about this project and hope that everyone will join in on the fun! Please help us spread the word! Thank you all for joining me, be sure to check out my other posts for the plot synopsis to our story.

Thank you!



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