Work in Progress Friday~ A Plight for Cheese Graphic Novel (Sneak Peek)

Scene 1 of A Plight for Cheese graphic novelHappy Friday everyone! This is a snippet of my first scene on my graphic novel. I will be posting most of my progress on my page from now on. So please feel free to join the site and follow me from there. 🙂 (I’ll try to make a post explaining what is later) I may not be able to post as frequently as I would like to; I’ll be very busy in the next couple of weeks, and finding something to post twice a week may be a little bit more challenging than I had thought. 😉 I’m starting to create speed painting videos which I will also post to my new site. Thanks for joining me this Friday, I hope you’ll check out my page on Patreon and join the adventure from there! For those of you who don’t know what this graphic novel is about I will post the plot synopsis down below. Have a wonderful weekend!

Plot Synopsis:

The holidays are here and that means the rats have their work cut out for them. As the turkey bakes in the oven and the human guests arrive, the rats prepare themselves for an after Thanksgiving scrap feast. But, when one of the guests brings a round of Munster cheese and a ferocious cat named Muffin, all of their plans change. The rats want to get that cheese, but if they’re going to avoid the cat, they’ll need a brave scout to go ahead of the Team and pave the way. Their mission goes awry when a timid rat named Herman accidentally volunteers for the job. As things turn perilous, will Herman be able to conquer his fears and save his friends? Or will his cowardly nature get the better of him? A Plight for Cheese is a developing graphic novel for all ages. Follow the adventure as this exciting tale unfolds.


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