Work in Progress Friday~ A Plight for Cheese Graphic Novel Book Cover

A Plight4cheese WIPAnother Happy Friday everyone! I’ve now added the other characters to the cover. I could use some suggestions for what the bottle cap or pin on the red band should be. The rat’s name is Admiral, not that he is one, but that’s his name and he is the leader of the rat colony.( I’ll further introduce him on Monday) I wanted  something that reflected their mission or that looks military like. I’m not sure what to do but hopefully we can figure it out soon! I don’t think I want the large rat’s shirt to be blue, so I’m thinking about changing it, any suggestions?

As soon as my cover is finished, I’m going to open up a account.  Its a place where people can sponsor artists and get exclusive behind the scenes work in progress pictures and read the graphic novel way before it’s released. It also helps to support the artist while they are creating the story. Thanks everyone for joining me this week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Plot Synopsis:

The holidays are here and that means the rats have their work cut out for them. As the turkey bakes in the oven and the human guests arrive, the rats prepare themselves for an after Thanksgiving scrap feast. But, when one of the guests brings a round of Munster cheese and a ferocious cat named Muffin, all of their plans change. The rats want to get that cheese, but if they’re going to avoid the cat, they’ll need a brave scout to go ahead of the Team and pave the way. Their mission goes awry when a timid rat named Herman accidentally volunteers for the job. As things turn perilous, will Herman be able to conquer his fears and save his friends? Or will his cowardly nature get the better of him? A Plight for Cheese is a developing graphic novel for all ages. Follow the adventure as this exciting tale unfolds.


6 thoughts on “Work in Progress Friday~ A Plight for Cheese Graphic Novel Book Cover

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  2. When my kids were young, we used to catch mice in Have-A-Heart traps using chocolate chips. Then we would release them on the golf course of a near by country club. The kids always thought they were being so good to the mice. 😉 I wasn’t so sure the mice would survive the chocolate, since the dog wasn’t supposed to have any.


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